2019 Summer Outings

Note: No responsibility is taken by Ayr Photographic Society for your safety on club outings it is only a venue suggestion. Friends and family welcome (and dogs at suitable venues.) NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WEATHER! Tide times are forecast estimates.

23rd MayBargany Gardens - AFTERNOON

Kaffir Wreck, Newton-on-Ayr - EVENING
Daytime visit to Bargany TO AVOID MIDGES. No evening trip here, but gardens are open during May at weekends.Bargany - 2.00pm

Ayr - 7:30pm
Sunset: 9:36pm
High Tide: 4:01pm
Low Tide: 10:00pm
30th MayRozelle with pond, Nuthatch, Kingfisher and War Wood carvings at end of pondBring long and shorter lenses. Possibly blossom behind the house. Wood carvings through wood at end of pond.7:30pm
Sunset: 9:36pm
6th JuneLunch at Boswell House - AFTERNOON(Then Catrine Voes and River Ayr stroll past weir. Kingfisher sightings)

Barony A-frame/Dumfries House - EVENING
Need numbers for lunch
Map and grid reference to be supplied. Most of group in afternoon but would still be interesting in the evening.

Barony A-frame interesting in low light
Boswell House - TBC

Barony A-Frame - 7:30pm
Sunset: 9:55pm
High Tide: TBC
Low Tide: TBC
13th JuneTurnberry Lighthouse
Park in designated parking area on the course between Turnberry and Maidens7:30pm
Sunset: TBC
Tide: TBC

More to follow