2018-19 SPF Print Championship Results

The 2019 SPF Print Championship was held on Sunday 17th February at Stirling Court Hotel. 31 clubs competed with a total of 1373 prints entered, the judges for this year’s event were – Colin Westgate FRPS MPAGB MFIAP APAGB and Chrissie Westgate FRPS, both from East Anglia Federation, and Gerald Chamberlin EFIAP DPAGB from Northern Counties PF.

The SPF Print Championship is an annual club and individual competition for monochrome and colour prints. Entries are submitted in advance by each participating club and it is judged live, in front of an audience, by three judges. Club and individual awards are made. Marks are out of 15. The top 10 scoring prints from each of the monochrome and colour print sections are totalled to give a ‘club result’ for each section and these are totalled to give an overall ‘club result’.

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Club Results - Overall
PlacedClubTotal Points
1stCarluke Camera Club267
2ndDumfries Camera Club263
3rdDundee Photographic Society260
4thEastwood Photographic Society254
5thEdinburgh Photographic Society249
6thMearns Camera Club245
7thBon Accord Camera Club239
8th=Kirkcaldy Photographic Society237
8th=St Andrews Photographic Society237
10thPaisley Colour Photographic Club235
11th=Ayr Photographic Society233
11th=Dingwall Camera Club233
11th=Queens Park Camera Club233
14thDonside Camera Club231
15thKilmaurs Photographic Club229
16thKirkintilloch Camera Club225
17th=Dunfermline Photographic Association224
17th=Falkirk Camera Club224
17th=Musselburgh Camera Club224
20thMilngavie and Bearsden C C218
21stMoray Camera Club215
22ndDunfermline Camera Club211
23rdCumbernauld and Kilsyth P S206
24thBeith Camera Club204
25thStrathaven Camera Club203
Livingston Camera Club192
Paisley Photographic Society173
Kilmarnock Photographic Club166
Perthshire Photographic Society158
Fort WIlliam Photographic Society119
Cowal Camera Club104
Club Results - Colour Prints
PlacedClubTotal Points
1st=Carluke Camera Club137
1st=Dumfries Camera Club137
3rd=Dundee Photographic Society133
3rd=Mearns Camera Club133
5thEastwood Photographic Society132
6th=Donside Camera Club128
6th=St Andrews Photographic Society128
8th=Bon Accord Camera Club125
8th=Dingwall Camera Club125
8th=Paisley Colour Photographic Club125
8th=Queens Park Camera Club125
12thEdinburgh Photographic Society123
13thKirkcaldy Photographic Society122
14thLivingston Camera Club121
15thAyr Photographic Society118
16thKilmaurs Photographic Club117
17th=Falkirk Camera Club116
17th=Kirkintilloch Camera Club116
19th=Musselburgh Camera Club115
19th=Paisley Photographic Society115
21st=Kilmarnock Photographic Club113
21st=Milngavie and Bearsden C C113
23rdDunfermline Photographic Association111
24thDunfermline Camera Club109
25thCumbernauld and Kilsyth P S108
26thMoray Camera Club107
27thStrathaven Camera Club105
28thBeith Camera Club103
Cowal Camera Club85
Fort WIlliam Photographic Society66
Perthshire Photographic Society49
Club Results - Mono Prints
PlacedClubTotal Points
1stCarluke Camera Club130
2ndDundee Photographic Society127
3rd=Dumfries Camera Club126
3rd=Edinburgh Photographic Society126
5thEastwood Photographic Society122
6th=Ayr Photographic Society115
6th=Kirkcaldy Photographic Society115
8thBon Accord Camera Club114
9thDunfermline Photographic Association113
10th=Mearns Camera Club112
10th=Kilmaurs Photographic Club112
12thPaisley Colour Photographic Club110
13th=Kirkintilloch Camera Club109
13th=Musselburgh Camera Club109
13th=Perthshire Photographic Society109
13th=St Andrews Photographic Society109
17th=Moray Camera Club108
17th=Dingwall Camera Club108
17th=Falkirk Camera Club108
17th=Queens Park Camera Club108
21stMilngavie and Bearsden C C105
22ndDonside Camera Club103
23rdDunfermline Camera Club102
24thBeith Camera Club101
25th=Cumbernauld and Kilsyth P S98
25th=Strathaven Camera Club98
Livingston Camera Club71
Paisley Photographic Society58
Fort WIlliam Photographic Society53
Kilmarnock Photographic Club53
Cowal Camera Club19
Individual Image Scores - Colour Prints
Kirk Alloway Seem'd AbleezePhilip Bailey8
Gull Mugger and LookoutPhilip Bailey
Dartford Crossing SunsetPhilip Bailey
Geese in the MistMike Blair12
The Gold EarringMike Blair11
Aurora CoronaMike Blair10
Walk WayGraham Brown11
Street TraderRaymond Douglas11
Vietnamese LadyRaymond Douglas11
Palace GuardsRaymond Douglas10
Golden PloverRae Gold10
Rannoch MoorRae Gold13
Osprey SurpriseRae Gold10
Chasing the BallAlan Graham11
Home SupportAlan Graham
Snowy OwlAlan Graham12
Mountain Hare in HeatherLorna Hayton10
KingfisherLorna Hayton
Water Rail ReflectionsLorna Hayton12
Cir Mhor and the A' Chir RidgeMichael Kelso9
Peeking OspreyHarry Morgan10
Incoming KestrelHarry Morgan
Trees at SunriseRoy Smith11
Eyes FixedForrest Weir13
Sunlit PierForrest Weir12
Individual Image Scores - Mono Prints
Freeze FrameMike Blair12
WinterMike Blair12
Pylon PowerMike Blair12
Baker StreetGraham Brown11
Eye of OsirisGraham Brown11
Humayun's TombRaymond Douglas
Suspicious LookRaymond Douglas
Castle StalkerRae Gold11
Prime CatchRae Gold9
Morraine LakeRae Gold
Sky ReflectionsLorna Hayton
Snow MonkeyLorna Hayton11
Emerging from CoverForrest Weir13