2018-19 Ayr PS – Kilmaurs PC ‘Battle’ Results

The 2018-19 battle with Kilmaurs Photographic Club was held on Monday 17th Dec 2018 at Kilmaurs. The judge for this year’s battle was Mike Cruise of Paisley Colour PC.

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Club Results
Ayr PS107102109318
Kilmaurs PC1019899298
Individual Image Scores - Digital Projected Images
Highland WildcatAnne Gardiner15
Goldfinch BalletTom Wilson20
Jet SpeedMalcolm Yates17
Water Rail ReflectionBoyd Meiklejohn17
Alien LandscapeForrest Weir18
Here Comes the Rain AgainRuth Hayton20
Individual Image Scores - Mono Prints
Seeking ShelterGarry Smith15
Outlook ChangeableAlan Wallace18
Zion TreeRobert Millar20
Power PlantMike Blair17
Shapes and LinesMark Caldwell16
Tiger Charging in Deep SnowAlastair Swan16
Individual Image Scores - Colour Prints
Street TraderRaymond Douglas20
Kingfisher on Golden BerriesRae Gold17
Blue SteelStephanie McGahan17
Barn Owl in FlightBill Ryder18
Cut OffMark McColl18
Mountain Hare in HeatherLorna Hayton19