2018-19 Ayr PS – Dumfries CC – Eastwood PS ‘Battle’ Results

The 2018-19 Ayr Photographic SocietyDumfries Camera ClubEastwood Photographic Society battle was held on Thursday 21st February 2019 at Eastwood. The judge for this battle was Roy Robertson of Dundee Photographic Society.

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Club Results
Ayr PS174163337
Dumfries CC161180341
Eastwood PS171180351
Individual Image Scores - Digital Projected Images
Alien LandscapeForrest Weir14
Autumnal KingfisherScott Williams17
Baker StreetGraham Brown14
Chasing the BallAlan Graham19
Final PushMalcolm Yates17
Goldfinch BalletTom Wilson18
Here Comes the Rain AgainRuth Hayton18
PulsatillaRoy Smith19
Time for SupperRae Gold18
Under the GlacierMark McColl20
Individual Image Scores - Prints
Outlook ChangeableAlan Wallace15
Blue SteelStephanie McGahan20
Hare StareHarry Morgan15
Mountain Hare in HeatherLorna Hayton16
Shapes and LinesMark Caldwell18
Our GangAlastair Swan15
Zion TreeRobert Millar13
Barn Owl in FlightBill Ryder18
Rannoch DawnMike Blair17
Street TraderRaymond Douglas16