2017-18 SPF Print Championship Results

The 2018 SPF Print Championship was held on Sunday 18th February at Stirling Court Hotel. 28 clubs competed with a total of 1233 prints entered, the judges for this year’s event were – Des Clinton FRPS, EFIAP, FIPF, MFIAP from Drogheda, Irish PF; John Williams MPSA, EFIAP/b, DPAGB from Penrith, NCPF and Robert Millin MFIAP, EFIAP/p, MPSA, DPAGB from Wigan, L&CPU

The SPF Print Championship is an annual club and individual competition for monochrome and colour prints. Entries are submitted in advance by each participating club and it is judged live, in front of an audience, by three judges. Club and individual awards are made. Marks are out of 15. The top 10 scoring prints from each of the monochrome and colour print sections are totalled to give a ‘club result’ for each section and these are totalled to give an overall ‘club result’.

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Club Results - Overall
PlacedClubTotal Points
1stDumfries Camera Club285
2ndEastwood Photographic Society280
3rdCarluke Camera Club279
4thEdinburgh Photographic Society277
5thBon Accord Camera Club270
6thDundee Photographic Society266
7thMearns Camera Club256
8thDingwall Camera Club255
9th=Paisley Colour Photographic Club253
9th=Kirkintilloch Camera Club253
11thDunfermline Photographic Association252
12thMilngavie and Bearsden C C251
13th=Kirkcaldy Photographic Society250
13th=Queens Park Camera Club250
15thKilmaurs Photographic Club249
16thLivingston Camera Club245
17thMoray Camera Club241
18thAyr Photographic Society239
19thPerthshire Photographic Society238
20thSt Andrews Photographic Society237
21stFalkirk Camera Club236
22ndStrathaven Camera Club236
23rdDonside Camera Club232
24thNairn Photographic Society224
25thCumbernauld and Kilsyth P S216
Cowal Camera Club158
Paisley Photographic Society154
Beith Camera Club24
Club Results - Colour Prints
PlacedClubTotal Points
1stEastwood Photographic Society145
2nd=Carluke Camera Club143
2nd=Dumfries Camera Club143
4thEdinburgh Photographic Society141
5thBon Accord Camera Club137
6thDundee Photographic Society133
7thDunfermline Photographic Association132
8th=Kirkintilloch Camera Club131
8th=Paisley Colour Photographic Club131
10th=Mearns Camera Club129
10th=Milngavie and Bearsden C C129
12th=Dingwall Camera Club127
12th=Livingston Camera Club127
12th=Queens Park Camera Club127
15thKilmaurs Photographic Club126
16thFalkirk Camera Club125
17th=Kirkcaldy Photographic Society124
17th=Moray Camera Club124
17th=Strathaven Camera Club124
20th=Ayr Photographic Society123
20th=St Andrews Photographic Society123
22ndNairn Photographic Society119
23rdPerthshire Photographic Society118
24thCowal Camera Club115
25th=Donside Camera Club112
25th=Cumbernauld and Kilsyth P S112
Paisley Photographic Society79
Beith Camera Club24
Club Results - Mono Prints
PlacedClubTotal Points
1stDumfries Camera Club142
2nd=Carluke Camera Club136
2nd=Edinburgh Photographic Society136
4thEastwood Photographic Society135
5th=Bon Accord Camera Club133
5th=Dundee Photographic Society133
7thDingwall Camera Club128
8thMearns Camera Club127
9thKirkcaldy Photographic Society126
10th=Kilmaurs Photographic Club123
10th=Queens Park Camera Club123
12th=Paisley Colour Photographic Club122
12th=Kirkintilloch Camera Club122
12th=Milngavie and Bearsden C C122
15th=Donside Camera Club120
15th=Dunfermline Photographic Association120
15th=Perthshire Photographic Society120
18thLivingston Camera Club118
19thMoray Camera Club117
20thAyr Photographic Society116
21stSt Andrews Photographic Society114
22ndStrathaven Camera Club112
23rdFalkirk Camera Club111
24thNairn Photographic Society105
25thCumbernauld and Kilsyth P S104
Paisley Photographic Society75
Cowal Camera Club43
Beith Camera Club0
Individual Image Scores - Colour Prints
Cumbrae in the MistPhilip Bailey9
Kentish DragonflyPhilip Bailey9
Camel FairMike Blair11
The Red TurbanMike Blair14
Blue EyesMike Blair11
Larch HuesMark Caldwell9
Newton ShoreMark Caldwell13
Kingfisher at RestRae Gold12
Preparing to DiveRae Gold11
Landing Gear DownRae Gold11
Autumnal BadgerHarry Morgan11
Skulking Water RailHarry Morgan12
CuckooHarry Morgan13
Rannoch at DawnGarry Smith12
Winter LandscapeGarry Smith11
Autumnal FlowRoy Smith9
Heavy SeasRoy Smith9
Winter SunriseRoy Smith10
Never too Old to KayakEddie Telford9
Havana AwakensEddie Telford12
Do you have a Light DarlingEddie Telford13
Individual Image Scores - Mono Prints
Burns MonumentPhilip Bailey9
One Careful OwnerMike Blair13
Reeds and RocksMike Blair11
Beach BoysMike Blair12
Going NowhereMark Caldwell12
SkywardMark Caldwell11
From Portobello to Berwick LawMark Caldwell12
Splash DownRae Gold11
Better Luck Next TimeRae Gold10
Glasgow Old and NewRae Gold10
Dry Stane DriftGarry Smith9
Seeking ShelterGarry Smith11
I've Cut Down to One a DayEddie Telford12
Prince of the MoorsEddie Telford11
Her Sook is Worse than her BiteEddie Telford11