2017-18 SPF Digital Championship Results

The 2017 SPF Digital Championship was held on Sunday 19th Nov 2016 at Stirling Court Hotel. 27 clubs competed and the judges for this year’s event were – Colin Trow-Poole MPAGB FRPS FIPF from Arden(MCPF), Gwen Charnock FRPS MFIAP from Wigan(L&CPU) and Phil Charnock FRPS MFIAP from Wigan(L&CPU).

The SPF Digital Championship is an annual club competition for digital projected images (DPIs). Entries are submitted in advance by each participating club and it is judged live, in front of an audience, by three judges, each awarding between 2-5 points to give a total score out of 15. Club and individual awards are made. There are two initial rounds and after these two rounds, the top 8 clubs contest ‘The Final’, the remaining clubs contest the ‘Plate Trophy’.

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Club Results - The Final
Individual Image Scores - Round 1
Individual Image Scores - Round 2
Individual Image Scores - Final Round
Club Results - The Plate Trophy