2016-17 SPF Annual Portfolios Results

The 2017 SPF Annual Portfolio Competitions were judged this year by Dianne Owen and Gordon Jenkins from Chorley (L&CPU) and Jack Bamford from Northern Counties PF. A total of 1308 Prints and Projected Images were received; Made up of 648 DPI, 381 Colour Prints and 279 Mono Prints.

After Judging, the highest scoring entries (Approx. 33% of total entry) forms the Annual Portfolios of accepted Prints and Projected Images for the year which are available to view on DVD from Nov 2017.

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Club Results - Colour Prints
Club Results - Mono Prints
Club Results - Digital Projected Images
Individual Award Winners
Individual Image Scores - Colour Prints
Individual Image Scores - Mono Prints
Individual Image Scores - Digital Projected Images