2019-20 Shooting Shapes Results

Judged by Stephen Lipton on 14th November 2019.

Full image results for the Shooting Shapes competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Charlie's FountainMichael Kelso20
The A FrameMichael Kelso19
The SwingMichael Kelso18
Cityscape Shapes Through TimePhilip Bailey17
How Deep Is Your LoveWilliam McCracken17
Starry Starry Starry NightWilliam McCracken17
IlluminareWilliam McCracken16
A Good BasculePhilip Bailey15
Curves And CurlesPhilip Bailey15
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Abstract FountainLorna Hayton20
RustLorna Hayton19
Heaven BoundMike Blair18
Smoking DancerAlan Wallace18
Going UpRobert Collie17
HoopsMike Blair17
LonelyAlan Wallace17
Reshaping ArchitectureRae Gold17
Sculptured In IceMike Blair17
Through My EyeIan Pettigrew17
CandleworksRae Gold16
ChessRobert Collie16
Psychedelic SixtiesAlan Wallace16
SwirlLorna Hayton16
Wavy PavingRaymond Douglas16
DandilionRobert Collie15
His And HersIan Pettigrew15
Musical CurvesRaymond Douglas15
Ship ShapeRae Gold15
Squares And CubesRaymond Douglas15
Pick A Shape - Any ShapeIan Pettigrew14
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
ChicagoCallum Collie20
Fence In WaterCallum Collie19
Light On The PierCallum Collie18
Bubble & Trouble 2Jane Stokes17
In Full BloomJane Stokes17
Orange JuiceJane Stokes17
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
CirclesMiriam Downes20
Leave Only FootprintsPatrice Graham19
I See Sea ShellsJan Brotherton18
TelescopicSteven Lawrie18
TrianglesMiriam Downes18
A FrameBob Nairn17
BinaryJames Stevenson17
Framing The GalleryGemma Gallacher17
Guinness Brewery - DublinAustin Cooke17
Lone TreeBob Nairn17
Looking UpGraham Brown17
Shadow Or ShapeJames Stevenson17
Two Way TrafficSteven Lawrie17
Windows To The WorldFiona Grant17
Within The Great Mosque Of Cordoba A Lies A Christian CathedralGraham Brown17
Your MoveDarlene Hogg17
Brisbane Skyline At NightBill Brown16
InukchuksPatrice Graham16
Nature's ShapesMiriam Downes16
Perfect Physical ShapeJames Stevenson16
Shelf LifeJan Brotherton16
Shoreline ShapesGemma Gallacher16
Stand Up ComediansSteven Lawrie16
The Trifid Has LandedJan Brotherton16
Theatre - Dublin DocklandsAustin Cooke16
Walk By The Riverside MuseumDarlene Hogg16
Arran CheesePatrice Graham15
Carpet Factory ConstructsGemma Gallacher15
Dunrovnick RooftopsBill Brown15
NeglectFiona Grant15
Power GlideGraham Brown15
Sphere Within Sphere - Trinity College DublinAustin Cooke15
Sydney Opera HouseBill Brown15
Tortoise ShellBob Nairn15
WatchingFiona Grant15
All Fired UpDarlene Hogg14
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
A Swirl Of KoiScott Williams20
Arctic AuroraAlastair Swan19
Forth Road BridgeScott Williams19
Stilt FishermenAlastair Swan19
A Walk Over The Anderston FootbridgeBill Ryder18
Cowling AbstractDavid Blatchford18
Kite ArcingHarry Morgan18
MurmurationAlan Graham18
Sunshine After The RainBill Ryder18
Titanic ShapesRoy Smith18
AbstractRuth Hayton17
Bibliotek TromsoBill Ryder17
Boat RibsDavid Blatchford17
ContrastsForrest Weir17
Face To FaceBoyd Meiklejohn17
Go With The FlowForrest Weir17
Love CoupleHarry Morgan17
Love SwansHarry Morgan17
M8Rob Davis17
Mythological CloudsAlan Graham17
RailsGordon Ross17
Rollercoaster StructureRob Davis17
SerenityAlastair Swan17
Skeletal Glasgow Central ExchangeMalcolm Yates17
Years Of ShapingAlan Graham17
ChessboardBoyd Meiklejohn16
Glasgow AlleywayRob Davis16
Hanging By A ThreadMalcolm Yates16
Palm BurstForrest Weir16
Pi R SquaredRhonda Moodley16
SlatesGordon Ross16
SpiralRuth Hayton16
The RushScott Williams16
Till The Last DropMalcolm Yates16
Abstract GlassRoy Smith15
ParallelogramsRhonda Moodley15
Picking A ShapeRoy Smith15
QuaysideRuth Hayton15
Season's EndDavid Blatchford15
The Whole World's Going Pear-ShapedBoyd Meiklejohn15
Shapes Of Religious BeliefRhonda Moodley14
Metal BridgeGordon Ross13