2019-20 Macro Magic Results

Judged by Ian Tully on 16th January 2020.

Full image results for the Magic Macro competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Colourful Death Of NatureWilliam McCracken20
Hoverfly LandingMichael Kelso19
Shave RequiredWilliam McCracken18
Dandelion Seed Head (FS)Philip Bailey17
Painted LadyMichael Kelso17
Grain Of NatureWilliam McCracken16
Peacock ButterflyMichael Kelso16
LillyPhilip Bailey15
The Comma ButterflyPhilip Bailey15
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Emerald DamselflyTom Wilson20
Nautilus Shell DetailLorna Hayton19
Large Red DamselflyTom Wilson18
Feeling GreenRaymond Douglas17
Female Black DarterTom Wilson17
Fly Agaric ClusterRae Gold17
Frosted IvyRaymond Douglas17
Ice PatternsLorna Hayton17
Shaggy InkcapsMike Blair17
Chain ReactionAlan Wallace16
Common Blue On LeafRae Gold16
Duvet For TwoRae Gold16
GerberaAlan Wallace16
Small TortoiseshellMike Blair16
Worker BeeLorna Hayton16
Yellow BegoniaMike Blair16
EyesAlan Wallace15
Pink PetalsRaymond Douglas15
Read The Small PrintRobert Collie15
BrushRobert Collie14
WatchRobert Collie14
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Surrounded By Red HeadsCallum Collie20
Iced LeafJane Stokes19
Taste The RainbowCallum Collie18
Grassy AssCallum Collie17
Frosty MorningJane Stokes16
PolyporesJane Stokes16
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Painted PoserSteven Lawrie20
Alien OrchidJames Stevenson19
Sinister SidJames Stevenson19
Dewy DragonflyGemma Gallacher18
Hover FlyBob Nairn18
Squash AnyonePatrice Graham18
White ErmineMiriam Downes18
A Hint Of PinkJan Brotherton17
Bug EyedGemma Gallacher17
Collecting PollenBill Brown17
Common BlueBob Nairn17
DimpledJan Brotherton17
EtherealSteven Lawrie17
Hanging Around (Monarch Butterfly)Fiona Grant17
Raspberry Pi ReflectionAustin Cooke17
Summer BloomFiona Grant17
Grumpy ButterflyDarlene Hogg16
Honey BeeBill Brown16
HydrangeaMiriam Downes16
I'm BusySteven Lawrie16
Japanese Tiger BeetleGemma Gallacher16
Mecanopsis (Blue Poppy)Graham Brown16
PetalsBob Nairn16
Time On My HandsAustin Cooke16
Fuzzy, Buzzy BeeFiona Grant15
Pollinator At WorkPatrice Graham15
Red AdmiralBill Brown15
Thistle DoPatrice Graham15
Bee On Clematis Silver MoonAustin Cooke14
Kissy KissyJames Stevenson14
Lily Stigma And AntherMiriam Downes14
The GrinchDarlene Hogg14
Tight Rope WalkerDarlene Hogg14
Minstrel BugsGraham Brown13
Sniff SnortJan Brotherton13
Water DropsGraham Brown13
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Natures Spotlight In The Water DropletBill Ryder20
Trooping Funnel MushroomsBoyd Meiklejohn19
Venetian (Blind) Blow FlyMalcolm Yates19
A Weevil Walks Into A Bar...Graeme Walker18
Inside The LillyBoyd Meiklejohn18
Lillies And DropletsBoyd Meiklejohn18
Lying In WaitBill Ryder18
Peacock FeatherRuth Hayton18
Sugar SugarScott Williams18
Swirling StylesAnne Gardiner18
Wings Of GossamerMalcolm Yates18
Art NouveauDavid Blatchford17
Brazilian Agate DetailRoy Smith17
Cold StareForrest Weir17
Dry SpotGraeme Walker17
Hoverfly Feeding On Lily StamenRoy Smith17
Irvine WildlifeScott Williams17
Its Not Terry'sRhonda Moodley17
LacewingGordon Ross17
RefuellingForrest Weir17
Rust DetailRuth Hayton17
Up There NextMalcolm Yates17
Blue DamselflyHarry Morgan16
Crystal MagicAnne Gardiner16
Dart Poison Frog - Approaching ThreatDavid Blatchford16
Foundation BuildingRhonda Moodley16
Ivory RoseRob Davis16
Locked OnAlan Graham16
Morelia ViridisDavid Blatchford16
Political BubblesRoy Smith16
Small But BeautifulRuth Hayton16
Tulip StamenGordon Ross16
Creature ComfortsHarry Morgan15
Deconstructed JumperScott Williams15
Eyes Of The TigerAlastair Swan15
FlypastAlan Graham15
Gossamer WingsForrest Weir15
Grizzly AttackAlastair Swan15
Highland HairdoAlastair Swan15
Hydropisphaera ErubescensGraeme Walker15
Money Makes The World Go RoundAnne Gardiner15
Playing With TrainsRob Davis15
Seeing Nature Up CloseBill Ryder15
Sprucing UpAlan Graham15
Swan PreeningHarry Morgan15
Climate Bee LeafRhonda Moodley14
FordRob Davis14
Lost WorldGordon Ross14