2019-20 Jessops Open Results

Judged by Sam Heaney of Skelmorlie Camera Club on 13th February 2020.

Full image results for the Jessops Open competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Grey HerronPhilip Bailey20
Stac Polliaidh ReflectionsMichael Kelso19
Summer ReflectionsWilliam McCracken18
Under SailPhilip Bailey17
Restless SpiritPhilip Bailey16
Autumn SunsetWilliam McCracken15
Soltice SunsetMichael Kelso15
River SunsetWilliam McCracken14
Loch Etive SunsetMichael Kelso13
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Fish For TeaLorna Hayton20
Preening SwanTom Wilson19
Skeletal TreesLorna Hayton19
Evening At The LighthouseAlan Wallace18
Golden Plover In BrackenRae Gold18
Who Said This Would Be FunLorna Hayton18
Wild OrangeIan Pettigrew18
Happy In Her WorkRaymond Douglas17
Highland VistaRae Gold17
Leaving ColonsayTom Wilson17
Loch An EileinMike Blair17
Migrant Hawker DragonflyTom Wilson17
Osprey With FishMike Blair17
TranquillityRaymond Douglas17
Vietnamese BoyMike Blair17
Yellow UmbrellaRaymond Douglas17
Green Is The ColourIan Pettigrew16
Mediterranean VibeAlan Wallace16
Misty MorningRobert Collie16
Need For SpeedAlan Wallace16
CabRobert Collie15
PensiveRae Gold15
Wavy LinesIan Pettigrew13
GreenanRobert Collie12
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
SatsumuraiCallum Collie20
CrozierJane Stokes15
Tranquil ReflectionJane Stokes14
Turquoise TowerJane Stokes14
Night Time In ChicagoCallum Collie13
An Afterglow In AyrCallum Collie12
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Irvine CobblesJan Brotherton20
All Puffed UpBob Nairn19
Big AirJames Stevenson19
Exhilarating InteractionJames Stevenson19
One Last RunSteven Lawrie19
Short Back And SidesGraham Brown19
365 One A DayMiriam Downes18
Artist At WorkDarlene Hogg18
In Deep ConcentrationGraham Brown18
Loch Leven ReflectionsBill Brown18
Looking Through The KeyholeBill Brown18
Redshank On Greenan BeachAustin Cooke18
Sudden ImpactJames Stevenson18
Causeway Closing TimeSteven Lawrie17
ConcentrationPatrice Graham17
Dark IntentFiona Grant17
Haring ItGemma Gallacher17
Shake It OffGemma Gallacher17
Aging BeechMiriam Downes16
Gualachulain GlowMichael Warren16
Keep Walking, You Can't Miss ItSteven Lawrie16
Splashing OutMiriam Downes16
Surfing The WavesBob Nairn16
The Tree Of KnowledgeAustin Cooke16
A Glimmer Of GoldGemma Gallacher15
Evening In ManarolaPatrice Graham15
Face OffBob Nairn15
Time Passes ByDarlene Hogg15
Woodland WalkersJan Brotherton15
Autumn SunshineFiona Grant14
Forest TrackJan Brotherton14
Glen Etive ReflectionsMichael Warren14
HarboursideFiona Grant14
MajesticBrenda Law14
NeckingPatrice Graham14
Old Boat CorpachBill Brown14
ChillyBrenda Law13
Olympic Park AtlantaDarlene Hogg13
Peeking Over The FenceGraham Brown13
SerenityBrenda Law13
Beads Of Water On CrocosmiaAustin Cooke12
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Kestral HoveringBill Ryder20
Acacia Tree, SossuvleiBoyd Meiklejohn19
Bleak HouseRuth Hayton19
Captivating StareScott Williams19
Got ItRuth Hayton19
The Storyteller, RajasthanAlastair Swan19
Touch DownRuth Hayton19
Arctic AuroraAlastair Swan18
Close EncounterForrest Weir18
EscapeHarry Morgan18
Gathering InRob Davis18
Kite TussleMalcolm Yates18
KnotGordon Ross18
Lofoten AuroraScott Williams18
Motorcross In ActionBill Ryder18
SakrisoyScott Williams18
Urban ArtForrest Weir18
Incoming TideForrest Weir17
Magic MushroomsBoyd Meiklejohn17
OtterHarry Morgan17
Portrait Of A Street TraderBill Ryder17
The Boys Are Back In TownRhonda Moodley17
The Weasel's TracksAlastair Swan17
Blade RunnerMalcolm Yates16
ChampionDavid Blatchford16
LillyBoyd Meiklejohn16
ManarolaAlan Graham16
Red White And BlueRoy Smith16
Simple SailsAnne Gardiner16
Wishful ThinkingDavid Blatchford16
Bowfiddle RockAlan Graham15
Corn Bunting In Full SongGordon Ross15
Lonely TreeAnne Gardiner15
PoppyAnne Gardiner15
PowermaxedRob Davis15
Spitting FireMalcolm Yates15
Three FruitsRob Davis15
A New Day DawningRoy Smith14
A Reminder Of The PastRoy Smith14
BeaverHarry Morgan14
Canoes At Loch InshGordon Ross14
FlamingoDavid Blatchford14
PreeningAlan Graham14
SweetfaceRhonda Moodley14
Woodland PondRhonda Moodley14