2019-20 Colab Open Results

Judged by Brian Muir of Air Image on 10th october 2019.

Full image results for the Colab competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Glencoe Morning LightMichael Kelso20
Come Get Yer Nut If Yer Hard EnoughWilliam McCracken18
The WorkerMichael Kelso18
Putin's Enviromental Policy At WorkWilliam McCracken17
Fountain And LeafMichael Kelso16
Bonding In The Autum SunWilliam McCracken15
Facing Up To The ChallengePhilip Bailey15
I'm Watching YouPhilip Bailey14
She Sails No MorePhilip Bailey14
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Landing Gear DownLorna Hayton20
Landing Gear DownRae Gold19
Lighting AyrRobert Collie19
The Lonely CottageLorna Hayton18
Ailsa SunsetMike Blair17
Golden Sunrise Kilchurn CastleRae Gold17
Red NiqabAlan Wallace17
Smiling Street TraderRaymond Douglas17
Thoughts Of YesteryearLorna Hayton17
Winter Dawn Loch AweMike Blair17
Palace GuardsRaymond Douglas16
The Predator (Wild Sparrowhawk)Tom Wilson16
Who Loves Ye BabyIan Pettigrew16
Young Cambodian GirlRaymond Douglas16
Blowin' The FunkTom Wilson15
CampervanAlan Wallace15
Cry For MeIan Pettigrew15
Glen Etive RainbowRae Gold15
Gold Cup GallopTom Wilson15
Only The CrumbliestRobert Collie15
Rannoch First LightMike Blair15
Get Outa HereIan Pettigrew14
Wet FeetRobert Collie13
Tart With A HeartAlan Wallace11
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
AudiCallum Collie20
St Mary's LochCallum Collie18
Katiebatie!Jane Stokes17
Moonlight In TroonJane Stokes16
Norwegian JewelJane Stokes16
Reflecting On The PastCallum Collie15
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Fried Egg Jellyfish (Cotylorhiza Tuberculata)Bill Brown20
DubrovnikBill Brown18
Beach WalkerSteven Lawrie17
Last Light On The BeaconGemma Gallacher17
St Michael's MountSteven Lawrie17
White On WhiteMiriam Downes17
Basketball BalletPatrice Graham16
Bee On FlowerAustin Cooke16
Rowing BlueSteven Lawrie16
Sally LightfootBob Nairn16
Spindrift SurvivorGemma Gallacher16
Star Gazing ArriaJames Stevenson16
Storr ReflectionsBob Nairn16
Sunset At FormentorGraham Brown16
Take OffJan Brotherton16
The Warrior Goddess MorrighanMiriam Downes16
Aerial CombatBob Nairn15
Evening Walk In EdinburghPatrice Graham15
Hares Looking At YouGemma Gallacher15
Quietly Mending NetsDarlene Hogg15
Sunset TouchdownJames Stevenson15
Ullswater TranquilityBill Brown15
Work Of ArtJames Stevenson15
Best SideDarlene Hogg14
BuddiesJan Brotherton14
Late Night TrafficPatrice Graham14
New BeginningsAustin Cooke14
Port Ellen ReflectionsJan Brotherton14
The Poser (Not A Set Up)Graham Brown14
ShowmanDarlene Hogg12
ShreekGraham Brown12
The Odd One OutMiriam Downes12
Kirroughtree Mountain BikingAustin Cooke11
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Lindesfarne BoatsRuth Hayton20
Siberian PredatorAlastair Swan19
Ailsa Craig SunsetBoyd Meiklejohn17
Barn Owl In FlightBill Ryder17
Edinburgh DuskScott Williams17
Get The Fire OnAlastair Swan17
In DeepHarry Morgan17
Lofoten ColourScott Williams17
Up And OverMalcolm Yates17
Evening At The Grand CanalBill Ryder16
Glasgow Rush HourRob Davis16
I'm Watching YouForrest Weir16
PelitonDavid Blatchford16
Red Arrows Smoke TrailsRoy Smith16
RiomaggioreAlan Graham16
SurroundedAlan Graham16
Tidal ReflectionsAlastair Swan16
Tight FitForrest Weir16
Watching SunsetGordon Ross16
Autumn FindAnne Gardiner15
CarrbridgeGordon Ross15
Dinner To GoRuth Hayton15
Good Height Flaps DownScott Williams15
Icon Of AviationRob Davis15
Oh Ma!Gordon Ross15
Painted Lady On BuddlieaRoy Smith15
Pasque FlowerRoy Smith15
Peeking PuffinMalcolm Yates15
Preening KingfisherRuth Hayton15
QueenfishersHarry Morgan15
Skye Sunset @ DouneMalcolm Yates15
Still Smiling In The RainBill Ryder15
A Word In Your Ear GladysAlan Graham14
Aerosparx FlypastBoyd Meiklejohn14
Bowfiddle RockForrest Weir14
Lets Get It OnHarry Morgan14
Not Quite A Stern LightRhonda Moodley14
Roe Deer StagAnne Gardiner14
Rose BudBoyd Meiklejohn14
Sky AflameDavid Blatchford14
Windyhill April SnowAnne Gardiner13
TiltingDavid Blatchford12
Tower Of LightRhonda Moodley12
Euphoria Of SpringRob Davis11
In SeineRhonda Moodley11