2018-19 Natural World Results

Judged by Gordon Rae of Dumfries CC on 13th December 2018.

Full image results for the Natural World competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Osprey Head OnHarry Morgan 19
Heavenly Light On Holy IsleWilliam McCracken16
Nevis SunsetMichael Kelso16
Common Seal ArranMichael Kelso15
Arran RocksMichael Kelso14
Food AgressionPhilip Bailey13
Kestrel With LunchHarry Morgan 13
Two Forces Of NatureWilliam McCracken13
Juvenile GullPhilip Bailey12
Kingfisher In The RainHarry Morgan 12
Hibiscus (Gul-Har)William McCracken10
Gannet DivePhilip Bailey9
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Six Spot Burnet MothTom Wilson20
Rainy DayLorna Hayton19
Emerald DamselflyTom Wilson18
Short Eared OwlMark Caldwell18
Farne TernLorna Hayton17
You Gonna Eat MeRae Gold17
Come Into My ParlourTom Wilson16
Barn OwlMark Caldwell15
Honestly Boys, It Was This SizeStephanie McGahan14
I Wish It Was An IphoneLorna Hayton14
Short Eared Owl HuntingMark Caldwell14
Spring LightStephanie McGahan14
Arctic WolfRobert Collie13
Back To BasicsStephanie McGahan13
Osprey SurpriseRae Gold13
Bird On A StickRobert Collie12
Dive, Dive, DiveRae Gold10
Red DeerRobert Collie9
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Gentle GiantJames Stevenson20
Pretty In PinkPatrice Graham19
MajesticJames Stevenson18
Sea BreezeMalcolm Yates18
Snacking SquirrelJames Stevenson17
You Lookin At MeBill Brown17
A Winter's TaleGraeme Gordon16
Are You Looking At MeBob Nairn16
Climbing MusroomsBob Nairn16
Hummingbird Moth GastropubMiriam Downes15
Autumn ColoursJan Brotherton14
Benmore LichenBob Nairn14
Lunch TimeMalcolm Yates14
Posing PuffinMalcolm Yates14
Snack TimePatrice Graham14
Crocodile In SwampBill Brown13
Damselfly In DistressSteven Lawrie13
Honey, I'm HomeSteven Lawrie13
Jay In The ShadowsJan Brotherton13
Light And ShadeMiriam Downes13
Morning Coffee CompanionMiriam Downes13
ShelduckPatrice Graham13
American KestralGraham Brown12
ErosionStanley Grant12
Just Caught LunchGraham Brown12
Monarch Of The GlenGraham Brown12
Blow HoleStanley Grant11
Fishing Cat ProfileJan Brotherton11
JurassicGraeme Gordon11
It's A Beautiful DayGraeme Gordon10
Light CloudStanley Grant10
The Eyes Have ItSteven Lawrie10
Wedge Tail EagleBill Brown9
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Hunting Tiger Breaks CoverAlastair Swan20
DawningScott Williams19
Alien LandscapeForrest Weir18
Fully FocussedBill Ryder18
Kingfisher With CatchRob Davis18
Coming Into LandRuth Hayton17
Grouse In The HeatherRuth Hayton17
Guanaco And The CuernosForrest Weir17
Polar Bear & Seal Kill, SvalbardAlastair Swan17
The LookoutAlastair Swan17
Wet Weather FishermanRuth Hayton17
BluetitGarry Smith16
Eyes On The CatchAlan Graham16
Lazing In The Late Afternoon SunScott Williams16
AmurDavid Blatchford15
Cormorant With CatchAnne Gardiner15
PreeningAlan Graham15
The Power Of Water ErosionBoyd Meiklejohn15
A Quiet SpotScott Williams14
Early Morning MistBill Ryder14
Grey HeronDavid Blatchford14
Just A Wee CoaltitBoyd Meiklejohn14
Lightning StrikeForrest Weir14
Want A Piece Of Me Do YouBill Ryder14
Hay ThereRhonda Moodley13
NuthatchGarry Smith13
PatienceAlan Graham13
Up CloseGordon Ross13
Otter Ascending WeirAnne Gardiner12
Rallus AquaticusRob Davis12
RobbieGarry Smith12
Territorial DisputeRob Davis12
The Tall TreesAlistair Mulhearn12
Air SupplyGordon Ross11
Red Campion In Dawn LightBoyd Meiklejohn11
Rock And River PatternsAnne Gardiner11
Orange TipDavid Blatchford10
Red SquirrelGordon Ross10
The Eye Of A Monkey PuzzleAlistair Mulhearn10
Winter HerdRhonda Moodley10
Old And New OrchidsAlistair Mulhearn9
ReflectionsRhonda Moodley9