2018-19 Land of Burns Results

Judged by Stephen Lipton on 7th February 2019.

Full image results for the Land of Burns competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Cock Up Your BeaverHarry Morgan 18
Tam Getting Fou And Unco HappyHarry Morgan 18
Poosie Nancy Tribute RoomMichael Kelso15
Portrait Of The BardMichael Kelso15
To A Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The PloughPhilip Bailey15
Burns Museum MauchlineMichael Kelso14
Brig O' DoonPhilip Bailey14
Tae A MooseHarry Morgan 14
Kirk-Alloway Seem'd In A BleezePhilip Bailey13
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Bonie Wee ThingStephanie McGahan20
Kirk-Alloway In A BleezeAlan Wallace19
My Heart Is In The HighlandsLorna Hayton18
Ae Fond KissStephanie McGahan18
The Twa DogsStephanie McGahan18
Timorous BeastiesLorna Hayton17
Wee Sleekit Cowrin' Timerous BeastieTom Wilson17
My Heart's In The HighlandsRae Gold16
Arran MistRobert Collie16
Cheers GarryRobert Collie16
Tam O' ShanterTom Wilson16
Burns Muse In Alloway ChurchyardLorna Hayton15
Rocky ShoreRobert Collie15
The Tam O' Shanter InnTom Wilson15
The Ploughman PoetRae Gold14
Revered World WideRae Gold13
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
John Anderson My JoAustin Cooke17
Bickering BrattleAustin Cooke16
Honest Men And Bonnie LassesAustin Cooke14
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
The Auld Dei'lMalcolm Yates20
The Blue Eyed LassieMalcolm Yates19
Arran SunsetBob Nairn18
GhoulishJames Stevenson18
The Deil's AwaPatrice Graham18
Daylight RobberyMiriam Downes17
Kirk AllowayGraham Brown17
Land Of BurnsJan Brotherton17
Oor Ain HameMiriam Downes17
To A MouseSteven Lawrie17
At Burnsfest 2018Patrice Graham16
Belle, Book And CandleSteven Lawrie16
Brig O DoonJames Stevenson16
Last Supper At The Station HotelMichael Warren16
On A Bank Of Flowers In A Summer DayBill Brown16
Sunset At PortencrossBill Brown16
The Auld KirkBob Nairn16
Up In The Morning EarlyMalcolm Yates16
Alloway Auld KirkJames Stevenson15
Alloway KirkSteven Lawrie15
Ayrshire Winter DawnMiriam Downes15
I'll Be A Brig When Ye're A Shapeless CairnBill Brown15
Old Alloway ChurchGraham Brown15
Spirit Of Tam & MegJan Brotherton15
Brig O'DoonBob Nairn14
Haunted HotelMichael Warren14
Largs PencilJan Brotherton14
Tam O ShanterGraham Brown14
View Oe'r The Bonnie DoonPatrice Graham14
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Auld Ayr Wham Ne'er A Town SurpassesScott Williams20
Rig's O' Barley SongBill Ryder19
The Deil's Awa Wi' The ExcisemanForrest Weir19
Ca' The YowesForrest Weir18
Evening At TurnberryRuth Hayton18
Into The GloamingRob Davis18
My Hearts In The Highlands Whereever I GoScott Williams18
Agony Of An Honest ManAlan Graham17
Auld Scotia's ShoreRob Davis17
Earth, Ayr, Fire And WaterGordon Ross17
Kirk-Alloway In A BleezeAlastair Swan17
Scots Wha HaeRuth Hayton17
The Blue Eyed Lassie - SongBill Ryder17
The Stately Swan Majestic SwimsAlan Graham17
To John Kennedy, Dumfries HouseAlastair Swan17
Cold Front, Brig O'DoonAlastair Swan16
Dawn Light At TurnberryBoyd Meiklejohn16
Day O' The DeidForrest Weir16
Ghaists, Ghouls & BoglesRob Davis16
Highland Mary Girlfriend & SongBill Ryder16
Liam O Maonlai Hot House Flowers. Burns Festival Wellington SqAlistair Mulhearn16
Or Like The Rainbows Lovely Form Evanishing Amid The StormScott Williams16
Timorous BeasieRuth Hayton16
A Weel-Kent Ayrshire WaterfallAlan Graham15
River Ayr Stepping StonesBoyd Meiklejohn15
The Barony A-Frame, AuchinleckBoyd Meiklejohn15
As The Days LengthenGordon Ross14
Gordon Brown Memorial GardenGordon Ross14
Michael Marra & Patti Smith Burns Festival Culzean CastleAlistair Mulhearn14
Gulls With Cardboard Tower At Burns Festival Wellington SqAlistair Mulhearn13