2017-18 Monochrome Results

Judged by Bob Collins AFIAP of Queen’s Park CC on 9th November 2017.

Full image results for the Monochrome competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Burns MonumentPhilip Bailey14
Ravages Of TimeIan Angus14
Dunure CastlePhilip Bailey13
Holly WullieAngus Frame13
Goosey GooseyAngus Frame12
Just Add WaterIan Angus11
Slate FountainIan Angus11
Congor EelAngus Frame10
Spitfire ClimbingPhilip Bailey10
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
StrikeMark Caldwell20
From Portobello To Berwick LawMark Caldwell19
Harbour BarricadeMark Caldwell18
On The RocksIan McClure18
Tentmuir Forest IRAnne Gardiner18
Three TreesAnne Gardiner18
Outlook ChangeableAlan Wallace17
Portencross MistRobert Collie17
White And BlackAnne Gardiner17
Better Luck Next TimeRae Gold16
Fast Hand - Vibrating StringsEddie Telford16
Outstanding In Its FieldIan McClure16
Trunk CallEddie Telford16
West Coast VistaRae Gold16
Young PalmRobert Millar16
Arran Stepping StonesRobert Millar15
FeedingRobert Collie15
The Emperor's MoustacheTom Wilson15
Don't Think They Do Blue Rinses AgnesEddie Telford14
Glasgow Old And NewRae Gold14
Jazz Guitarist Martin TaylorAlistair Mulhearn14
Lost In The Sands Of TimeIan Pettigrew14
Young TuskerRobert Millar14
Beauty And The BeastBob Baillie13
ChicagoRobert Collie13
Lindisfarne PrioryBob Baillie13
RoseAlan Wallace13
Wasting AwayIan Pettigrew13
Elven PrincessBob Baillie12
JimmyTom Wilson12
Pea SouperIan McClure12
Scene Through A Cafe WindowAlan Wallace12
Work In ProgressTom Wilson12
Just RestingIan Pettigrew11
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Abandoned BoatBob Nairn15
Missing PipesBob Nairn12
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Enough For DinnerScott Williams20
Shake It,Shake It Real GoodScott Williams19
Snow MonkeyHarry Morgan19
Great Spotted WoodpeckerHarry Morgan18
The RaceStanley Grant18
Alhambra PalaceGraham Brown17
Time's UpGemma Gallacher17
Turnberry Lighthouse Harry Morgan17
Approaching Pont Au ChangePatrice Graham16
Cades CoveBill Brown16
Glistening FallsScott Williams16
Here Comes The BrideMiriam Downes16
TitanBill Brown16
Berthed At BergenPatrice Graham15
Clouds Over Irvine BeachJan Brotherton15
Direct CompetitionGemma Gallacher15
Harlequin QueensMalcolm Yates15
Laughing PirateMalcolm Yates15
RepetitionPatrice Graham15
UndersteerTony Greig15
Woodland ObeliskMiriam Downes15
Dante's FallsGraeme Gordon14
House On The HillWilliam McCracken14
Looking BackGemma Gallacher14
Path To DunureJan Brotherton14
Push And PullMalcolm Yates14
Spick And SpanMichael Warren14
The JacobiteBill Brown14
Wall ArtGraham Brown14
Hiding In The TreesWilliam McCracken13
Light In The ShadeMiriam Downes13
On The LimitTony Greig13
Stanley MillsJan Brotherton13
The TowerStanley Grant13
In The Shade Of OaksMichael Warren12
Please God, Get Me Through ThisGraeme Gordon12
Sticks And StonesMichael Warren12
Storm ChaserTony Greig12
ShadowsStanley Grant11
Storm BrewingWilliam McCracken11
That CastleGraeme Gordon10
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
VortexDavid Blatchford20

Huddled For HeatBill Ryder19
ShipwreckedLorna Hayton19
5 Furlongs OutAlan Graham18
Lone TreeRoy Smith18
The Old PierForrest Weir17
Wicca In WhitbyDavid Blatchford17
All Cuddled UpLorna Hayton16
Chequered FutureRhonda Moodley16
Paisley MillGraeme Eccles16
The BlacksmithBill Ryder16
The Sage The Tyne And The BridgesKaren Crawford16
Wild Sea At ManarolaAlan Graham16
Wreck On The Shores Of Ben NevisBill Ryder16
Burnton ViaductBoyd Meiklejohn15
DandelionGraeme Walker15
Glasgow ReflectionsForrest Weir15
Pass The Buck........FastRhonda Moodley15
The Coalman's BeenRuth Hayton15
Davros BrainGraeme Walker14
Himba HeadmanBoyd Meiklejohn14
Pools Of LightRuth Hayton14
Stuart Farquharson On The Blues HarpAlistair Mulhearn14
Tangled SpiritGraeme Walker14
Zig ZagRuth Hayton14
Clock WatchingRhonda Moodley13
Flying SharkAlan Graham13
Inside The Engine ShedRoy Smith13
Lean On MeBoyd Meiklejohn13
LunchbreakGraeme Eccles13
Steel CloistersKaren Crawford13
StuddiedGraeme Eccles13
Whitesnakes Bernie Marsden Alistair Mulhearn13
Clowning AboutLorna Hayton12
Land Of The CondorForrest Weir12
Look OutGordon Ross12
Napier The Star Of The ShowDavid Blatchford12
Repentence TowerGordon Ross12
Long AbandonedGordon Ross11
Monarch Of The GlenKaren Crawford11
Blackmount MorningRoy Smith10