2017-18 Empty Seat Results

Judged by Bob Wark of Beith CC on 7th December 2017.

Full image results for the Empty Seat competition, broken down by class/section. All images are marked out of 20 points and an overall competition winner is selected from the winning ’20 point’ images.

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Intermediate Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Place LibreAndrew McLaughlin17
All Off ExploringIan Angus16
Millenium SeatPhilip Bailey16
Walking ByAlison Hunter16
Empty Picnic SeatsAndrew McLaughlin15
Park SeatPhilip Bailey15
Seats ApartAndrew McLaughlin15
Under The WisteriaAlison Hunter15
Where Is The CongregationAlison Hunter15
Auchans CastlePhilip Bailey14
Well - No One Here EitherIan Angus14
Advanced Print
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Snowy SeatsAnne Gardiner20
Mandela's Chair - Robben IslandRobert Millar19
Room For A Few MoreRobert Millar18
DisruptionIan McClure17
EncoreAlan Wallace17
RemembranceAlan Wallace17
Seat Of Many PrayersEddie Telford17
Some Signs Of WearIan McClure17
What's NextRae Gold17
A Place To DreamAnne Gardiner16
City ViewRobert Collie16
He Left An Empty SpaceAnne Gardiner16
My PhobiaEddie Telford16
Quiet Day In The CouncilAlan Wallace16
Summer Is OverRae Gold16
A Seat In The SunIan McClure15
Arise And WalkRobert Millar15
Kenosha Harbour ParkRobert Collie14
Little Owl Landing On Empty SeatRae Gold14
Park WaterRobert Collie14
Plethora Of SeatsEddie Telford14
Beginner DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Long Walk HomeBob Nairn17
Intermediate DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Missed The SunsetScott Williams20
Past Its BestScott Williams19
PensiveBill Brown18
A Long Time ForgottenMiriam Downes17
Autumn At CrieffBill Brown17
Posh Campaign ChairMalcolm Yates17
Ryanair Flt 696 30,000ftGraham Brown17
Seeking Souls In York MinisterJan Brotherton17
Sunrise On ParadiseBill Brown17
That Bottom CornerGraeme Gordon17
The Calm Before The StormPatrice Graham17
The Garden SwingJan Brotherton17
Theatre SeatsHarry Morgan17
Watching Years Fading AwayWilliam McCracken17
Will Yi Watch Ma PintMalcolm Yates17
A Stroll To An Empty Seat But Which One To ChooseMiriam Downes16
Empty Seats - August 1948Anne Talman16
Empty Seats At ParliamentHarry Morgan16
Pennine ViewTony Greig16
The Cheap SeatsBrenda Law16
View To An (Ex) ThrillTony Greig16
Waiting By The Blue DoorPatrice Graham16
A Glimpse Through The TreesMiriam Downes15
A Private PerchGemma Gallacher15
Cafe SeatJan Brotherton15
Highland SeatGraeme Gordon15
Mexican CafeStanley Grant15
Musical ChairStanley Grant15
NextScott Williams15
Old Girls' MemorialGemma Gallacher15
On The SlideGraham Brown15
Waiting On The Seats To FillHarry Morgan15
White TableGraham Brown15
A Shady OpportunityGemma Gallacher14
Empty Seats Await The FaithfullAnne Talman14
I Found MinePatrice Graham14
Mo Hair SalonMalcolm Yates14
Old Boat RecyledWilliam McCracken14
Pagoda BenchTony Greig14
Public SeatStanley Grant14
Who Are You Pu-Tin My ChairWilliam McCracken14
Advanced DPI
Image TitleAuthorPointsImage
Seats And SaddleBill Ryder20
The Empty SwingsRuth Hayton19
The Old Tractor SeatRuth Hayton18
Commuter Free ZoneRob Davis17
Empty SwingAlistair Mulhearn17
How To Stack Empty SeatsAlan Graham17
I'd Rather Be In My ShedBill Ryder17
Italian ChapelColin McKenzie17
Kicked Into The Long GrassDavid Blatchford17
No.4 Where's Your Co-PilotAlan Graham17
Plenty Of Room Up FrontKaren Crawford17
Quiet DinerForrest Weir17
River SpeyGordon Ross17
Shaft Of Light In 1000 Year CryptColin McKenzie17
The Old NurseryDavid Blatchford17
The Oldest Rocker In TownBoyd Meiklejohn17
The Unseen ViewBoyd Meiklejohn17
Waiting For My Ship To Come InLorna Hayton17
Waiting For The Show To BeginBill Ryder17
Calke AbbeyDavid Blatchford16
Empty AisleRhonda Moodley16
Feeling LonelyRob Davis16
For The CurvesGraeme Walker16
Look To The SkiesGordon Ross16
One Careful OwnerLorna Hayton16
Seat By The LochGordon Ross16
Take Yer PickGraeme Walker16
The Empty Seat Beside MeLorna Hayton16
Artistic ViewRhonda Moodley15
Class DismissedRob Davis15
Cold ComfortForrest Weir15
Cycle RouteKaren Crawford15
Deck SpreadGraeme Walker15
Empty Bus SeatsRoy Smith15
Flogged ItRhonda Moodley15
Gone Fishin'Boyd Meiklejohn15
Musical ChairAlan Graham15
Nobody Wants A SeatAlistair Mulhearn15
Red SeatsKaren Crawford15
Remembrance SeatRoy Smith15
Sunlit PewsForrest Weir15
The Worlds First Parliament BuildingColin McKenzie15
A Perfect PairRuth Hayton14
6th Tee LochgreenAlistair Mulhearn13
The Red ChairRoy Smith13