2016-17 Monochrome Results

Judged by Clive Watkins of Townend CC on 5th January 2017.

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Intermediate Print
1stPlain SailingGemma Gallacher201st - Intermediate Prints
2ndKnock, KnockIan Angus192nd - Intermediate Prints
3rdEthereal BambooGemma Gallacher183rd - Intermediate Prints
4thEnd Of The LineStephanie McGahan174th - Intermediate Prints
5thThe Cooling FinsGemma Gallacher165th - Intermediate Prints
6thSeaviewAnne Talman156th - Intermediate Prints
7thTime OutStephanie McGahan147th - Intermediate Prints
8thNot AmusedIan Angus138th - Intermediate Prints
9thSite Of LethanhillAnne Talman129th - Intermediate Prints
10thHead OnAnne Talman1110th - Intermediate Prints
11thThe Bat BikeIan Angus1011th - Intermediate Prints
Advanced Print
Tiger Charging In Deep SnowAlastair Swan201st - Advanced Prints
2ndZion TreeRobert Millar192nd - Advanced Prints
3rdBlack White RepeatMark McColl183rd - Advanced Prints
4thLone Oryx, Namib DesertAlastair Swan174th - Advanced Prints
5thLet There Be LightningJohn Canning165th - Advanced Prints
6thFrozen DragonMark McColl156th - Advanced Prints
7thShowing Its AgeRaymond Douglas147th - Advanced Prints
8thHumayun's TombRaymond Douglas138th - Advanced Prints
9thTechnology And Innovation CentreIan McClure129th - Advanced Prints
10thViewpointRaymond Douglas1110th - Advanced Prints
11thDunure DookitIan McClure1011th - Advanced Prints
12thInformation OverloadAlan Wallace912th - Advanced Prints
13thThrough The WindowsIan Pettigrew813th - Advanced Prints
14thTidelineMark McColl714th - Advanced Prints
15thOk Then Whats ThisIan Pettigrew615th - Advanced Prints
16thDalrymple ViaductAlan Wallace516th - Advanced Prints
17thThe Himba TribeAlastair Swan417th - Advanced Prints
18thRoad To The MountainsJohn Canning318th - Advanced Prints
19thTroon This WayIan McClure219th - Advanced Prints
20thMachrie Standing StonesRobert Millar120th - Advanced Prints
Intermediate DPI
1stSanctuary Elephant, LaosForrest Weir201st - Intermediate DPI
2ndBridge To NowhereForrest Weir192nd - Intermediate DPI
3rdThe Pier, PortencrossForrest Weir183rd - Intermediate DPI
4thCaught In The MomentScott Williams174th - Intermediate DPI
5thPortrait Of A WrenScott Williams165th - Intermediate DPI
6thAint No BodyMalcolm Yates156th - Intermediate DPI
7thAs Winter ComesMiriam Downes147th - Intermediate DPI
8thA Highland CottageRuth Hayton138th - Intermediate DPI
9thWind FrostMiriam Downes129th - Intermediate DPI
10thThe Kite SurferMalcolm Yates1110th - Intermediate DPI
11thTucked AwayScott Williams1011th - Intermediate DPI
12thAdamRuth Hayton912th - Intermediate DPI
13thCuriosityLee Moffat813th - Intermediate DPI
14thLoch Shiel LogLee Moffat714th - Intermediate DPI
15thIslands Window FrameLee Moffat615th - Intermediate DPI
16thMooredJan Brotherton516th - Intermediate DPI
17thThe Temple GuardiansRuth Hayton417th - Intermediate DPI
18thWingsTom Wilson318th - Intermediate DPI
19thVenice GondolasGraham Brown219th - Intermediate DPI
20thTurnberry Lighthouse ReflectionsBill Brown120th - Intermediate DPI
Advanced DPI
1stLeading The ParadeRob Davis201st - Advanced DPI
2ndClose FormationAlan Graham192nd - Advanced DPI
3rdOsprey With CatchRae Gold183rd - Advanced DPI
4thLindisdfarneBill Ryder174th - Advanced DPI
5thFlying HighAlan Graham165th - Advanced DPI
6thBed Time ReadingBill Ryder156th - Advanced DPI
7thBeach Huts At FindhornGordon Ross147th - Advanced DPI
8thForging AheadAlan Graham138th - Advanced DPI
9thMobius ArchGraeme Walker129th - Advanced DPI
10thGreat TitRob Davis1110th - Advanced DPI
11thUpturnedGarry Smith1011th - Advanced DPI
12thSwirle PavillionKaren Crawford912th - Advanced DPI
13thA Plug InLorna Hayton813th - Advanced DPI
14thLoch MallachieGordon Ross714th - Advanced DPI
15thSnoozing In The BathLorna Hayton615th - Advanced DPI
16thJoy & BroganAlistair Mulhearn516th - Advanced DPI
17thPalace FloorGraeme Walker417th - Advanced DPI
18thDont FretKaren Crawford318th - Advanced DPI
19thBanburghGarry Smith219th - Advanced DPI
20thDoe, Ray, MeAnne Gardiner120th - Advanced DPI