2016-17 Let There Be Light Results

Judging by Brian Muir of Air Image on 2nd February 2017.

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Intermediate Print
PlacedImage TitleAuthorPointsImage
1stReflectingStephanie McGahan201st - Intermediate Prints
2ndLily Of LightStephanie McGahan192nd - Intermediate Prints
3rdLove Is In The AirStephanie McGahan183rd - Intermediate Prints
4thEarly Morning Loch EckAnne Talman174th - Intermediate Prints
5thJasmineIan Angus165th - Intermediate Prints
6thAbbieIan Angus156th - Intermediate Prints
7thA Guiding LightGemma Gallacher147th - Intermediate Prints
8thKarenIan Angus138th - Intermediate Prints
9thOld Stones For Old Bones CarsphairnAnne Talman129th - Intermediate Prints
10thTemple Hustle And BustleGemma Gallacher1110th - Intermediate Prints
11thDawning LightGemma Gallacher1011th - Intermediate Prints
12thImpending StormAnne Talman912th - Intermediate Prints
Advanced Print
ChessRobert Collie201st - Advanced Prints
2ndDark Field AppleIan McClure192nd - Advanced Prints
3rdTravelling LightAlastair Swan183rd - Advanced Prints
4thClairJohn Canning174th - Advanced Prints
5thIn The SpotlightRaymond Douglas165th - Advanced Prints
6thMisty Trees Loch ArdRaymond Douglas156th - Advanced Prints
7thGolden LiningMark McColl147th - Advanced Prints
8thLight PaintingRobert Collie138th - Advanced Prints
9thChildish Use Of LightJohn Canning129th - Advanced Prints
10thHomeworkRobert Collie1110th - Advanced Prints
11thEight BallsIan McClure1011th - Advanced Prints
12thA New Day DawnsIan Pettigrew912th - Advanced Prints
13thLet There Be LightIan McClure813th - Advanced Prints
14thStreet LightingJohn Canning714th - Advanced Prints
15thWhere's That TaxiRobert Millar615th - Advanced Prints
16thSuspicious LookRaymond Douglas516th - Advanced Prints
17thThrough The MistMark McColl417th - Advanced Prints
18thLast LightMark McColl318th - Advanced Prints
19thMountain Lion, Bridger MountainsAlastair Swan219th - Advanced Prints
20thYorkshire DeliRobert Millar120th - Advanced Prints
Intermediate DPI
1stCandle LightMiriam Downes201st - Intermediate DPI
2ndLast Rays Of The DayForrest Weir192nd - Intermediate DPI
3rdLight In A Dark PlaceMichael Warren183rd - Intermediate DPI
4thThe CrossingScott Williams174th - Intermediate DPI
5thStorm AheadGraham Brown165th - Intermediate DPI
6thThe Sunny ShowerRuth Hayton156th - Intermediate DPI
7thA Different PerspectiveScott Williams147th - Intermediate DPI
8thLight ShadeMiriam Downes138th - Intermediate DPI
9thIrvine Light FestivalTom Wilson129th - Intermediate DPI
10thInto The ShadeRuth Hayton1110th - Intermediate DPI
11thGolden RaysMalcolm Yates1011th - Intermediate DPI
12thHopeman SandstormMalcolm Yates912th - Intermediate DPI
13thThe Sunlit WreckRuth Hayton813th - Intermediate DPI
14thSunshine PoppiesJan Brotherton714th - Intermediate DPI
15thStreet LitTom Wilson615th - Intermediate DPI
16thKothel Grill HouseMalcolm Yates516th - Intermediate DPI
17thEarly Morning LightForrest Weir417th - Intermediate DPI
18thPassing CloudsGraham Brown318th - Intermediate DPI
19thTropismJan Brotherton219th - Intermediate DPI
20thLight CondensationTom Wilson120th - Intermediate DPI
Advanced DPI
1stSubject MatterGarry Smith201st - Advanced DPI
2ndHailstormRob Davis192nd - Advanced DPI
3rdA Stray Patch Of SunlightLorna Hayton183rd - Advanced DPI
4thJazzledKaren Crawford174th - Advanced DPI
5thCutting EdgesRoy Smith165th - Advanced DPI
6thOn The LookoutBill Ryder156th - Advanced DPI
7thStorm LightLorna Hayton147th - Advanced DPI
8thWayside BeachAlan Graham138th - Advanced DPI
9thFrom The DarknessKaren Crawford129th - Advanced DPI
10thFontGordon Ross1110th - Advanced DPI
11thGiddy Up HorseyBill Ryder1011th - Advanced DPI
12thAnother Tune, PleaseBoyd Meiklejohn912th - Advanced DPI
13thBacklit KingfisherLorna Hayton813th - Advanced DPI
14thCurlyBoyd Meiklejohn714th - Advanced DPI
15thFireworks ExtravaganzaRob Davis615th - Advanced DPI
16thLight SquigglesGarry Smith516th - Advanced DPI
17thLast Light Over JuraAnne Gardiner417th - Advanced DPI
18thLaura HyslopAlistair Mulhearn318th - Advanced DPI
19thIn The LimelightBill Ryder219th - Advanced DPI
20thIndy! Behind You!Rob Davis120th - Advanced DPI