2016-17 Jessops Open Results

Judging by Colin McLatchie LRPS of Eastwood PS on 20th October 2016.

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Intermediate Print
1stHong Kong HarbourJean Shaw201st - Intermediate Prints
2ndThe BoathouseIan Angus192nd - Intermediate Prints
3rdDreichGemma Gallacher183rd - Intermediate Prints
4thSingaporeJean Shaw174th - Intermediate Prints
5thJoyJean Shaw165th - Intermediate Prints
6thGlencoe LochanGemma Gallacher156th - Intermediate Prints
7thReflections Of Greenan CastleIan Angus147th - Intermediate Prints
8thProcessionAnne Talman138th - Intermediate Prints
9thClouds And CuillinsGemma Gallacher129th - Intermediate Prints
10thCulzean In The Evening SunIan Angus1110th - Intermediate Prints
11thAquilegiaAnne Talman1011th - Intermediate Prints
12thMaisieAnne Talman912th - Intermediate Prints
Advanced Print
1stLit UpMark McColl201st - Advanced Prints
2ndApocalypseMark McColl192nd - Advanced Prints
3rdTea BreakAlan Wallace183rd - Advanced Prints
4thFrozen In TimeMark McColl174th - Advanced Prints
5thMoustached Walruses, 81Degrees NAlastair Swan165th - Advanced Prints
6thCorbieres Lighthouse JerseyRobert Millar156th - Advanced Prints
7thPolar Bear, Seal And Ivory GullsAlastair Swan147th - Advanced Prints
8thLife In The Cycle LaneAlan Wallace138th - Advanced Prints
9thMalchesnieJohn Canning129th - Advanced Prints
10thSun ShadeIan Pettigrew1110th - Advanced Prints
11thPath Into The LightJohn Canning1011th - Advanced Prints
12thRestricted AccessRaymond Douglas912th - Advanced Prints
13thRoe Deer on Irvine MoorAlistair Mulhearn813th - Advanced Prints
14thSun Setting By Ailsa CraigIan McClure714th - Advanced Prints
15thThe AvenueIan McClure615th - Advanced Prints
16thTidelinesIan McClure516th - Advanced Prints
17thVillage Girl, RajasthanAlastair Swan417th - Advanced Prints
18thSleepingRobert Collie318th - Advanced Prints
19thSo Are YouJohn Canning219th - Advanced Prints
20thThe Blue LineIan Pettigrew120th - Advanced Prints
Intermediate DPI
1stEmergenceScott Williams201st - Intermediate DPI
Lindisfarne BoatsRuth Hayton192nd - Intermediate DPI
3rdFinal LapScott Williams183rd - Intermediate DPI
4thThe Black KnightRuth Hayton174th - Intermediate DPI
5thEphemeral LightScott Williams165th - Intermediate DPI
6thFalls At Loch DoonForrest Weir156th - Intermediate DPI
7thBig HugsLee Moffat147th - Intermediate DPI
8thBasketball BoogiePatrice Graham138th - Intermediate DPI
9thGreen Bottle Fly FeedingMalcolm Yates129th - Intermediate DPI
10thWeaselTom Wilson1110th - Intermediate DPI
11thToast At TorroxPatrice Graham1011th - Intermediate DPI
12thCambodian SmilesForrest Weir912th - Intermediate DPI
13thHigh Jinks On The High LineBill Brown813th - Intermediate DPI
14thLoch Doon WaterfallMalcolm Yates714th - Intermediate DPI
15thPamunkey TribesmanForrest Weir615th - Intermediate DPI
16thSummertime BlueTom Wilson516th - Intermediate DPI
17thThe SteampunkRuth Hayton417th - Intermediate DPI
18thScooter TimeGraham Brown318th - Intermediate DPI
19thFlying In The SkyMalcolm Yates219th - Intermediate DPI
20thFashionistaMiriam Downes120th - Intermediate DPI
Advanced DPI
1stCooling DownAlan Graham201st - Advanced DPI
2ndGotchaRae Gold192nd - Advanced DPI
3rdFlying VisitBoyd Meiklejohn183rd - Advanced DPI
4thDouble TroubleLorna Hayton174th - Advanced DPI
5thStorm WaveRoy Smith165th - Advanced DPI
6thThe ArtistRae Gold156th - Advanced DPI
7thUnnatural Histories Congo BuffaloDavid Blatchford147th - Advanced DPI
8thNuthatchGarry Smith138th - Advanced DPI
9thHoveringLorna Hayton129th - Advanced DPI
10thBeautiful PortencrossRob Davis1110th - Advanced DPI
11thBlue SmokeRoy Smith1011th - Advanced DPI
12thWheatear HopAnne Gardiner912th - Advanced DPI
13thSunset At The Science Centre, GlasgowBill Ryder813th - Advanced DPI
14thSnowy Owl In SnowRoy Smith714th - Advanced DPI
15thRough Sea At ManarolaAlan Graham615th - Advanced DPI
16thOdd Moss OutGraeme Walker516th - Advanced DPI
17thJayRob Davis417th - Advanced DPI
18thGlasgows Golden GlowKaren Crawford318th - Advanced DPI
19thArran SunsetGarry Smith219th - Advanced DPI
20thBeach HutsGordon Ross120th - Advanced DPI